Four More Ballantyne North Carolina Restaurants That You Have To Try

Four More Ballantyne North Carolina Restaurants That You Have To Try

We have already ventured into the neighborhood of Ballantyne NC in another article, and I showed you four great restaurants in the area. I have a chance now to tell you about four more. Remember that Ballantyne is part of the city of Charlotte, so that is where you are at geographically speaking. Perhaps you just moved there, or maybe you are visiting family or on vacation. You are going to be privy to four more restaurant picks, and I hope you like them.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel is one of your choices, and you can find it on John Delaney Street. Menu highlights include all kinds of bagels, sandwiches and what are called black and white cookies, among other things. One reviewer raves about the tuna melt on a bagel, and each person seems to have his or her favorite recommendation.

Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse at Conlan Circle is a popular Ballantyne restaurant, too. This establishment serves up wings, pizza, Philly cheesesteaks and much more. One reviewer raves about the fajitas. Another reviewer talks about there being outdoor seating available, so that is a definite plus, too. People also say that there is quite a selection of brews.

Terrace of Ballantyne is another cool restaurant, and it is located on Ballantyne Village Way. Enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch or brunch at this fine establishment. If you are a chicken and waffles fan, they certainly have them. So make sure you hit up Terrace of Ballantyne while in Charlotte, too.

This next place is a bakery and not a restaurant, but it definitely deserves a mention. It is Decadent Designs Bakery, and it is located at Conlan Circle like many of these other restaurants are. That’s a popular spot for food, Conlan Circle, when it comes to places to eat in Ballantyne, North Carolina. Enjoy some cake, cupcakes, gelato and more when you visit this fine bakery.

There is time for one more restaurant in Ballantyne. Let’s take a look at Another Broken Egg Cafe, which is located on North Community House Road. You know that you can get quite the fine breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe. That is quite a name, don’t you think? Now it is time to make a stop by these four Ballantyne restaurants as you enjoy all that Charlotte NC has to offer you. You will have your fill of great food, and then you can check out even more restaurants in the neighborhood. Yes, there are plenty more, even away from Conlan Circle.

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